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Mark Hemingway

Chief Technology Officer

Mark Hemingway has worked in developmental physics and engineering for over 35 years. He is a graduate of the University of Michigan with degrees in both physics and mathematics.

Mark worked for Delphi Automotive, a subsidiary of GM, for 27 years in the Advanced Powertrain Engineering group. His experience there included the development of catalytic converters, onboard computers, algorithm development, onboard diagnostics, catalysts, emission controls, and emission devices.

Mark holds 17 patents for his inventions. In 2007, Mark left Delphi and formed Shadowood Technologies with his brother. They were awarded a US EPA grant to develop reforming technology. In 2011, Mark formed his own technology firm, Tri-Cord Tech. Tri-Cord has performed work setting up and calibrating dyno cells, integrating onboard computers in small market luxury sports cars and certifying them for CARB.

Tri-Cord also partnered with Emissions Systems Incorporated of Whitby, Ontario, to develop a NOx adsorber system for natural gas engines.

His latest endeavor as a co-founder of Freeboard is to realize the potential of switched adsorber technology for the diesel market.