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The Benefits of SNARRE

SNARRE can be adapted to Tier II and III engines so they may be certified for IMO III, EPA Tier IV and Euro stage VI requirements. SNARRE reduces NOx, PM and CO2 emission levels.

When compared to current SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) technology, SNARRE:

  • Does not require exhaust treatment fluid.
  • Does not require exhaust fluid tanks, dosing cabinets, pumps evaporation chambers or catalysts
  • Does not require any vessel redesign to accommodate for the weight and volume of exhaust fluid tanks.
  • Has greater installation versatility. SNARRE adsorbers, are made from stainless steel and can be mounted in any orientation. SCR catalysts use a fragile ceramic substrate and must be mounted horizontally to protect them from damage. SCR is only effective at or above 280° C, so the catalysts must be mounted in close proximity to the engine to achieve and maintain temperature.
  • Has no appreciable weight penalty as compared to SCR.
  • Maintains the space envelope of a traditional exhaust system. NOx adsorbers are typically about 1/3 the size of a critical grade muffler and a fraction the size of SCR catalysts.
  • By design is not subject to the NOx or ammonia slip of SCR systems and is much more responsive to sudden RPM and load changes. This also eliminates the smoking, engine stalls and sluggish throttle response which can occur with SCR or from high pressure EGR technology.
  • More efficiently and completely converts NOx back to diatomic nitrogen.
  • More effectively eliminates particulate matter and engine smoke opacity.
  • Uses less fuel. SCR cannot catalyze NOx at low temperatures, so it is common to inject additional fuel into the exhaust to sustain catalyst temperature. Since SNARRE adsorbers are effective down to roughly half the temperature of SCR catalysts, it does not require that additional fuel. It also allows the adsorbers to be mounted further away from the engine, increasing installation flexibility.