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About Us

Freeboard believes a cleaner world is not only possible, it is inevitable. The technological innovations the world will use to realize that future will fuel economic expansion, creating a new wave of innovation, industry and jobs. We are very excited to be a part of the wave, helping the maritime industry contribute to the changes necessary to help realize this future.

We are providing a green solution to help reduce emissions and greenhouse gasses from ships. The company we are building around our unique technology is harnessing every available resource we have at our disposal:

• The insight, wisdom and common sense of the maritime fleets we serve
• The generations of manufacturing expertise both for marine and aerospace that calls the PNW home
• The economic instruments of growth and innovative thinking the thriving Tech sector has brough to Seattle
• The grass roots network of maritime businesses, working together for the benefit of all

We draw great inspiration from one of our benefactors, the Washington Maritime Blue Cluster Organization, “…committed to the development of maritime business, technology, and practices that promote a sustainable future contributing to economic growth, ecological health, and thriving communities.” When those things flourish, which they must, so shall we.